The complete off-road crane positioning base.

The HEXATRON from ARRI Rental is an exclusive, all-weather, go-anywhere crane positioning base. Suitable for use with telescopic and modular camera cranes, the heavy-duty, four-wheel drive vehicle allows elaborate crane shots to be achieved quickly and easily on the toughest terrain and at the most inaccessible locations.

Once in position, the vehicle base stabilizes itself with four hydraulic legs, which provide solid support. Then the custom-made six-arm HEXApod fixed to the vehicle base levels the crane mount itself. Other system components include the HEXAjuice power supply, HEXAbrake remote-controlled pan brake and dedicated road haulage truck.

  • Compatible with all telescopic (15-75’) and modular crane systems.
  • Quick and easy to operate at many different locations on a single day.
  • Strong climbing ability for year-round use on mountainous and hard-to-reach terrain.
  • Various steering modes and wheel configurations to suit different conditions.
  • Precise leveling of the crane achieved in minutes.
  • Can be safely driven off the set immediately after use with the crane still mounted, causing no delay to shooting.
  • The water wading depth of 60 cm and all-terrain tires eliminate logistical problems associated with harsh weather and sodden locations.


“It's a very nice piece of equipment, which allowed us to use 50’ Technocranes in places where you can't put a base. We were able to travel over holes and small rocks in the forest, giving us greater flexibility when positioning the camera. With the HEXATRON we were 10 times faster; it was super-fast and really helpful.”

Key grip Robert ‘Bobby’ Kodera

“I used the HEXATRON on a very steep, remote location in Spain. It made using the Technocrane a viable option in a difficult environment. The HEXATRON was more than capable of dealing with the terrain and I found it very user-friendly. I especially like the fact that the hydraulic legs are slanted downwards, allowing full swings of the crane arm when boomed fully up. It is a very good addition to our armory.”

Key grip Steve Pugh

“The HEXATRON is the most versatile, effective and fastest method of using telescopic cranes outdoors. Awesome invention…”

Key grip Michael Müller

“I had the pleasure of using the HEXATRON earlier this year for the first time. I found it to be a very exciting and innovative piece of engineering; it's extremely nimble and allows excellent versatility on any film set. I have no hesitation in highly recommending it.”

Key grip David Appleby

Technical Data


Speed 0.36 km/h – 20 km/h
Weight (vehicle + HEXAPOD) 4,660 kg
Length (vehicle only) 5.20 m
Width 2.15 m
Width (with variable swiveling stabilizers) 2.40 m – 3.35 m
Min. height (vehicle + HEXApod) 1.70 m
Min. height (Hexapod crane base plate only) 1.55 m
Max. height (Hexapod crane base plate only) 3.15 m
Wading depth 0.60 m

Full 60° work angle with all telescopic cranes

Technical Data: ST50 Configuration

HEXATRON with SuperTechno 50

Weight (vehicle + ST50, driver, remote head & camera) approx. 6,660 kg
Length (vehicle + ST50) 6.95 m
Width (standby) 2.15 m
Height (for transport with ST50) 2.40 m

Max. traverse gradient/side tilt (ST50, not leveled): 24° (+/- depending on ground conditions)
Max. traverse gradient/side tilt (ST50, leveled): 30° (+/- depending on ground conditions)

Technical data: basic vehicle

HEXATRON vehicle base

Engine 4-cylinder 80 kW (109 hp), common rail 3-litre engine with particulate filter
  • High starting torque and reserve capacity always available
Chassis High-comfort suspension
  • Independent suspension with level control on front and rear axles
    (manual or automatic)
  • Portal axles with extra high portals for more ground clearance
  • Continuous traction for all four wheels through a rotating central joint
Gears Reverse gear unit
  • Terrain and road group: 2.60 km/h – 20 km/h
    Crawling speed: 0.36 km/h – 20 km/h
  • Permanent 4-wheel drive
Steering Intelligent steering system
  • Front steering
  • Rear steering
  • Circular steering
  • Crab steering
Precise positioning of the vehicle and crane in every direction increases off-road ability
Tires 4 x 440/50 R17 all-terrain tires
  • Optional twin-tires for soil protection
  • Higher performance on slopes, especially with wet surfaces and gravel

Max. climbing gradient: 45° (+/- depending on ground conditions)


HEXAjuice power supply

USV battery power for crane, remote, operator desk, monitor, intercom and camera.

  • Self-contained power supply (circa 4 hrs.)
  • Power fluctuation compensation
  • Faster location change in standby mode
  • Immediately ready to shoot after moving location
  • Emission-free and silent


This remote-controlled pan brake provides the crane operator with effortless remote control of all mounted crane systems.


The HEXATRON system, including a mounted crane and all accessories, is transported in a specially outfitted 25-ton ARRI Rental lorry.